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Do you want to receive a FREE Nintendo 3DS with your mobile phone contract then we're here to help you find the best deal available in the UK. We compare all contract phone deals online at the leading mobile stores that come with a Nintendo 3DS system completely free as gift. It's easy to find the best deal to suit your budget and requirements (free minutes, texts, ...) and with most offers your handset is free as well.

Free Nintendo 3DS with Mobile Phone

How to get a FREE Nintendo 3DS + contract phone?

easy ...
  • search for the cheapest 3DS deals below by network or handset

  • select the 3DS + mobile contract deal that you like

  • buy direct online at the phone retailer with the offer

  • get your mobile handset and Nintendo 3DS delivered ... for free
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We bring you the cheapest and best value contract phone offers available with a free new Nintendo 3DS system. You can compare all Nintendo 3DS gift deals online in the UK so you can get the best Nintendo3DS deal. We have thousands of offers on O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone and 3 ... available from reputable phone shops like of Phones4U, BuyMobiles, Carphone Warehouse, E2Save, The Link, and many more.

Search for Best Mobile Contract + Nintendo 3DS Deal

Want to find the cheapest 3DS free gifts offers and know the phone or tariff you're looking for?

If that's the case, then just use the search form below to select the mobile phone model you like, the amount of free minutes or free texts you need, how much you want to spend per month on line rental and/or the contract duration (18/24/36 months). The longer the contract, the cheaper the deal. Once you press the search button we'll show you all the free Nintendo 3DS deals available in the UK the match your criteria.

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You'll find 3DS offers with a wide choice of mobile phones, including all the latest handsets. Here's the list of phone brands currently offering great deals: LG, Microsoft, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, Alcatel, Doro and Sony. You'll discover that new phones are added daily, though please be aware that your free 3DS deal will be cheaper (i.e. lower montly rental for same amount of minutes) when you buy an offer with a slightly older mobile handset. Deals with the latest mobiles such as the Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Desire HD or Nokia N8 tend to be more expensive because obviously these handsets are currently more expensive themselves when the shops buy them from the manufacturers. Most free gift packages come with both the Nintedo 3DS and phone totally FREE, meaning you just pay for the monthly line rental, though some charge a small nominal fee for the mobile when you make your purchase. The Nintendo3DS is available in 'Aqua Blue' or Cosmic Black' and often you'll have a choice of colour as well.

The Nintendo 3DS experience has arrived

The latest groundbreaking game system from Nintendo arrived in the UK in March 2011 after a long and hyped wait. The 3DS is their fourth major release in the DS product line and ... it's the first handheld device in the market to offer 3D gaming. The Nintendo 3DS packs a new cutting-edge LCD display to deliver a glasses-free 3D effect on compatible games, even giving you the option to adjust the effect to your liking. It also has an adjustable stylus, motion and gyro sensors which transfer the movements of the handheld device into the DS3 game.Nintendo 3DS black free with mobile

If making photos on your phone is your thing, than you'd be glad to know that the 3DS includes 2 digital cameras which even let you create 3D photos. If you have any older Nintendo DS or DSi games, no worries, they're playable on the 3DS as well which is backward compatible. The wireless capability lets you connect to the Internet through wireless LAN access points or connect to other Nintendo 3DS systems for game play or StreetPass fun.

When you buy it with a mobile phone deal you get the following things in the box: the Nintendo 3DS gaming system, stylus, AC adapter, charging cradle, free SD Memory Card (2 GB), six AR card(s), quick-start guide and operations manual (including the warranty). Some mobile shops also offer a free 3DS game as part of their gift deals, though please compare them to other offers as they may be slightly more expensive (so only buy if it's a DS3 game you really want as well).

To qualify for any of these Nintendo DS3 + phone offers you need to subscribe to a new mobile contract. Hence you cannot get a free gift if you upgrade and extend your current mobile contract. If you want to keep your current number this means you'll have to move to another mobile network if you want to get the Nintendo 3DS for free today. It should be very easy to find the cheapest Nintendo3DS deal here.
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